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I’ve totally forget about this little part of my online life. I’m not even reading stuff here, there are around 400 e-mails with articles that the Medium Staff think I would like to read.

These last weeks have been crazy. It’s only me and one intern in my department at work because the other two are on vacation. So I have to do their job too, and besides that I’ve been presented with two projects to handle. And one of them is not even from my department.

In a nutshell, there’s a eletronic process of law that have to be implement “yesterday”, as always, and we do not have the servers yet. There’s a mess going on with the ERP of the engeneering department. I’ve got to work with the mail services (the paper one, like USPS 😆) to connect our systems with theirs so we can stop sending paper mails, and now I’m on the team who is revamping the human resources system.

All along with the daily department, which involves evolving (!!! 😎) current operating systems and taking care of all the incidents that happens on a daily basis. And somehow, on the mean time, I’m developing an interface to extend our demands control system (HPSM, for the record).

HPSM is really slow and not very usefull to monitor ongoing demands. I’m developing an interface where I select all the demands I want to keep an eye on and I can quickly see on a single screen all the status of the designed tasks.

Cleiver C. Carneiro

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