The best $300 I ever spent

About two years I was in Hong Kong debating whether to buy a new iPad as the prices were cheaper than in Europe. I chose not to and instead bought something far better that has drastically changed the way I work and travel.

The Apple store in Hong Kong that I visited is inside a large shopping mall. Whilst my friend was buying her iPad I decided to take a look around the other shops. It was there that I saw the Bose store, I hesitantly walked in to kill some time and try out some of their headphones and speakers. I tried the over ear headphones, I’ve used some of these before and whilst the sound quality is good I found that my ears get too hot from wearing them so I can’t keep them on for long periods of time.

The shop assistant then suggested I tried these…

Bose QuietComfort 20

Ok, not bad.

Shop assistant turns on the noise cancelling.


Oh my fucking god wow, I have to buy these.

And so I did.

Its hard to experience the sheer elation you feel when you’re in a loud environment and you turn on the noise cancelling for the first time. Everyone who tried the earphones were astounded at the sound quality and their ability to completely sound proof your ears from external noise. When I was flying back from Hong Kong I had my Bose earphones on for the entirety of the flight, I’ve never slept so well on a plane. The other people I flew with were jealous as to how well I had managed to sleep. The noise of the engine was just a low murmur to my ears which hardly bothered me.

I’m a software engineering student, so most of my time is spent infront of a computer where I need to maintain focus for a long period of time. These earphones have revolutionised the way I work. Gone are the distractions from people talking near me, I can maintain focus whilst my earphones block out all external noise.

Just take a look at the number of 5 star reviews for these on Amazon…

I’ve had the earphones for almost 2 years now, what I can say is whilst they are not necessarily things I couldn’t live without they certain have made a big difference in my life. A big enough difference that the day these brake (touch wood not for a while), I’d be straight back to the store to order another pair.

What these earphones are not good for is exercise, just take a look at the noise cancelling unit. It’s bulky and impractical. Sure this is one of the downsides, but as I use these headphones solely for when I’m working in front of a laptop, which is the vast majority of my time in my case, they definitely have gotten their moneys worth of use.

If you spend most of your time infront of a laptop or computer, or travel a lot, should funds permit I’d definitely reccomend buying these headphones. They will completely change the way you work and the increase in your productivity will quickly pay off the initial outlay.

I am no way affiliated with Bose, these are just my honest opinions.

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