As part of a DoS attack, an enormous amount of dust accounts were created and submitted to the nano network. The goal appears to be a resource-exhaustion attack aimed at denying service to normal users either partially or entirely by filling the network with accounts and transaction volume.

Before the…

We’ve had an interesting end to 2020 and transition into 2021 with many changes across our ecosystem. Although we’ve been quiet about development activity recently, we have some great updates to share today about our development team and the next version of the Nano node software.

Team updates

There are various team…

Update, Mar 6, 2020: While research continues into the viability of Nano PoW and the potential application of other algorithms, including Equihash, we have announced plans to optimize the tuning of the current algorithm for Athena V21.

Nano PoW is an authentication-free rate-limiting algorithm, commonly referred to as a proof-of-work…

Position: Senior Software Engineer

Type: Full Time, Contract-to-hire

Location: UK or Milan

Date: 10/01/2019

Deadline for submission: 20/01/2019


A fin-tech startup that focuses on real-world cryptocurrency payments through newly developed hardware, software and an ever-growing ecosystem of 3rd party services. …

Central to all cryptocurrencies is their consensus algorithm: how do network participants agree on which transactions are valid and which are counterfeit. Cryptocurrencies achieve consensus through a wide variety of means but regardless of how the algorithm is built, certain properties must be satisfied. …

Be a part of Nano and join our ever-growing team


The Nano protocol is designed to be an efficient, global digital currency that can be used in everyday life. …

A defining property of cryptocurrency which separates it from other monetary systems is the focus on being decentralized. This is needed as a mechanism to prevent someone from altering currency transactions. Therefore, these systems should be designed without inherent drivers pushing towards centralization.

When put into place, however, these systems…

RaiBlocks operates as a secure, sustainable network that anyone can rely on to send, receive, and store currency. In the interest of further improving the security of the network, we are launching the RaiBlocks Bug Bounty Program.

We encourage anyone interested to review the code, find bugs, vulnerabilities, or ways…

Hi, I’m Colin LeMahieu, the lead developer of RaiBlocks. We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks and I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to all of you and give RaiBlocks’ supporters an idea of why I started this project and what the RaiBlocks team aims to achieve.

Colin LeMahieu

Founder of Nano

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