There was no meeting this week because of the Democratic Debate being at the same time as usual meetings. The College Democrats and a few other political clubs worked together to host a debate watching party in Blegen 5. There was pizza, pop, and representatives from both the Bernie Sanders campaign and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Then canidates started off well with their introductions and Bernie Sanders drew a lot of applause. I was pretty bummed Biden never made an appearance. Lincoln Chaffe didn’t have a very strong showing, he stumbled over his answer a lot and didn’t come off as a very put together or reliable canidate. He wasn’t the worst though. Jim Webb was definitely the worst. Everytime he got asked a question he would complain about how long he had been waiting to get a world in and he came off as far more right leaning than the other canidates. One time he straight up didn’t answer a question correctly. The question was something along the lines of which political enemy the canidates were most proud of having. Martin O’Malley said the NRA, Jim Webb said the person who threw a grenade at him in the Vietnam war. Not really a political enemy… Speaking of Martin O’Malley he definitely held his own and I was very impressed by him. I never really paid attention to Martin O’Malley before the debate, but now I’m definitely more interested. I could tell through out the whole debate that most of the people in attendance were Bernie Sanders supporters, because everytime he said anything they all clapped and cheered. I was interested in sitting next to a few members from the Republican student group so that I could hear their opinion on things that were being debated, but they weren’t very inviting and kind of confused by me. I’ve attached an image of the results of the straw poll that the debate watching party attendants all participated in. Next week I plan to go to the club meeting on Tuesday and possibly interview a member about their participation in the club.

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