Earn vMOJO voting tokens to fund cUSD donations

An inside view of our Virtual Dōjō

As the Keyko Dōjō pushes forward with experimenting ways to turn speculation into a force for social impact, our team of Web 3.0 Sensei is proud and happy to announce that you can now farm vMojo by staking $CELO on our Celo Network validator d’app.

As you may know, part of our ambition of creating our virtual Dōjō environment as a sandbox to run experiments that lay at the junction of governance, decentralized finance, arts, and more. Today we’re kicking off this initiative by releasing a new product in our Dojo, an impact-oriented voting token, we’re calling vMOJO. …

Creating virtuous cycles between DeFi investors and the underprivileged.

The New Fields at Ôno in Suruga Province (Sunshû Ôno shinden),

With Decentralized Finance (DeFI) booming since last year, the rise of a practice called “yield farming” has shaken the Ethereum ecosystem by introducing incentives for investors to provide capital to liquidity pools for newly launched protocols and a wide range of financial products directly built on top of the Ethereum chain. These rewards typically come in the form of a governance token that lets holders vote on proposals to improve the protocol, and also sometimes introduce the right for their holders to rent seek fees from the usage of the application.

These incentives can lead to massive capital movements. Back…

Organizations that are rapidly decomposing their business models into core data structures hold a significant competitive advantage over their peers.

As a matter of fact, research suggests that insight-driven businesses are growing at an average of 30% each year; by 2021, they are predicted to take $1.8 trillion annually from their less-informed industry competitors (Forrester).

While their corporate structure might remain the same, their business processes will naturally evolve to a purely digital state. In this setting, data acts as the life force which circulates through the organization’s most complex business logic and operational systems.

The current offerings on the…

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Although it sometimes feels overwhelming, immersing yourself in the blockchain community can be rewarding. It allows one to recalibrate where he or she stands and acts as a guiding compass on the quest to Web3.

After not being able to make 2019's Devcon5 in Osaka, the developer’s annual Mecca, my last exposure to the decentralized crowd was during last year’s Web3 Summit.

So, on the 2nd of March, I decided to catch a train to Paris for the Ethereum Community Conference with my partner and friend Dimitri De Jonghe.

Although I’ve attended Ethereum events in the past like ETHBerlin and…

2018’s Painful Lessons and 2019 Cryptoworld Suggestions

Opinion piece by Clément Bihorel, contributor to the NBT Thing Tank, and blockchain researcher at Berlin-based tech company builder, Next Big Thing AG.

Last year was a busy one for the blockchain community and no one really knows where 2019 will lead us – except, of course, perhaps a professional crypto trading Facebook group…

This short post features my personal observations and comments, reflecting on 2018 and looking ahead. Some of these candid observations may not be popular, so I welcome your comments or feedback.

Decentralized ledger technologies will bring us the internet of value; the multiple-facet question remains HOW.

Seeking Human-Centricity in a Tech-driven Society

As Next Big Thing AG’s blockchain researcher, I visited the Revision summit on November 19–20, 2018 to gain insights on developments in the Revision community, a network focused on the intersection of future technologies and social change. In my reflective recap, I’ve summarized some observations and posed some questions to solicit discussion.

For its premier summit edition, Revision’s stated problem was,

How do we reach a more human-centric and purpose driven society in the digital age?

To answer the question, a number of rooms offered attendees the possibility to join panel discussions and hear talks by industry leaders:

  1. The challenge…

Lately, I’ve been asked a few times what the rest of the team and I were up to with Pluspare. Earlier this year we’ve stopped the development of the project for several reasons that I will try to explain in this post, hoping it will clarify the situation and provide you with a good understanding of why we decided to do so.

While we ideated the project in late 2016, a lot has changed in the blockchain industry since then and so did our project and personal ambitions. Two years have been enough for this industry to give rise to…

Clément Bihorel

People Planet Products

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