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For once let’s talk project management instead of pure code. I personally gets the urge to push my pocs too far and stepping out into the MVP world. Let’s define a boundary between those two worlds (this is an opinions and will obviously not be shared by everyone)


The POC and the MVP have something in common : they both are very ugly. The point on either of those steps of the project are not to be beautiful, it is to fulfill the one feature you have in mind.


The POC is usable only by it’s…

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Have you noticed how more and more projects use python when in the past they would have use C/C++? I'm certainly seeing it.

Don't get me wrong, I love python, it is so much more enjoyable to code than embedded C. I'm not here to complain "It was better in the old days". I would like to reflect a bit about whether embedded programming is bound to die or not.

Low level not required anymore

Having learned how to code for the first time using assembler on a 8bit microcontroller, I was able to see the evolution of the programing languages and…

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Use PyInstaller to build your single file executable for your app.

How to

You got your app with all it python files. Now it is time to deliver it to your users. Lets make it clean and easy to use : lets build a single file that the user simply need to double click on.

First of all we will install PyInstaller :

pip install pyinstaller

Then when navigating in your app app simply run PyInstaller like :

pyinstaller yourprogram.py

This should build you your executable, given it is a simple enough one. …

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What does make a smartphone app feel magical that a desktop app doesn't have? To me it is the ability to remember the past. Lets add that to our PyQt apps!


In short : Use the QSetting object to save and reload the status of your app. Use the value method to fetch a value from your setting file, use the setValue method to save a variable.

The Built

Lets build an interface where the user needs to enter a message to send over a chat. …

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Having learned QT in C++, now using it in python raised a few struggles. Today we talk about how to implement custom signals in your objects.

We will be building a simple toggling button that emit a custom ON/OFF signal when pressed.


In short :

  • Your object needs to inherit from QObject
  • Your signal is declared outside of your constructor

The Built

Our widget is going to inherit from QPushButton, and we are simply going to change the displayed text based on an internal state we will be toggling on every press. I will not enter in the details…

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IOT product or smartphone app?

I have been developing project mostly in the embedded world for a few years now. I love electronics and micro-controllers, but I can see smartphones being able to do more and more while being the most available resources in our lives.

Smartphones everywhere!

Smartphones are quiet amazing with almost all the sensors you can hope for. Plus all the connectivity you wants, plus more computation than you need.

With such specs you could expect a lot of IOT devices to be obsolete. For example a portable gaming system like the sony PSP doesn't make much sense when compared to…

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An English version of this article is available here : https://medium.com/@clement_roblot/its-time-to-update-your-version-control-5b0a4ff03d1f

Attention : ceci n’est pas un article discutant d’une nouvelle technique super avancée de contrôle de version. Je ne fait que rappeler ce qui est disponible très facilement aujourd’hui et donc devrait être utiliser beaucoup plus.

Source : https://xkcd.com/1296/


J’ai maintenant travaillé avec plus d’une dizaine d’organisation en France et les méthodes de gestion du code mis en place ne sont pas toujours au top de ce qui est disponible aujourd’hui. …

Une version en Français de cet article est disponible ici : https://medium.com/@clement_roblot/il-est-temps-de-mettre-%C3%A0-jour-votre-contr%C3%B4le-de-version-6a71d815be10

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Warning: this is not an article discussing a new super advanced version control technique. I only present what is available very easily today and so should be used a lot more.

Source : https://xkcd.com/1296/


I have now worked with more than a dozen organizations in France and the code management methods put in place are not always at the top of what is available today. I do not mean anything revolutionary or especially new, but simply have a system that:

  • Lets you collaborate easily on parts of code…

Clément Roblot

Freelance problem solver using mostly software tools : https://clementroblot.com/

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