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Hi Marily,

As the comment on the literal response was a reference of ignorance only to the metaphor and not my points, I’m afraid you have missed the point entirely.

Considering my original post had established your own irrelevancy (if your previous statements were to be believed), you have done nothing so far to address the fact that your own statements have repudiated your own validity.

Given that, your idea that “perhaps” this is a demonstration of my “irrelevancy”, really is quite amusing considering you continue to espouse the idea of irrelevancy on a platform that you claim is corrupt and filtered and also unreliable.

My lack of humor should come as no surprise, considering I am not here to humor you. Also, considering your crude attempts at such by making reference to giving children away, younger or otherwise. But I do understand that passes for humor in people with certain social mindsets.

I do enjoy a cavalier attitude from time to time, but sorry; it is one thing when you disregard opinions and another when you disregard life.

All the same, may you have an observation of a good day.


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