Today we released a demo, a tutorial and the open-source code base with training and testing scripts to create a state-of-the-art conversational artificial intelligence leveraging transfer learning from a transformer language model.

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As you can see from taking a look at our GitHub and medium pages, at Hugging Face, we firmly believe that open-source and knowledge sharing should be the default. It is both the easiest and fairest way for everyone to participate and reap the fruits of the remarkable progress of deep learning for NLP.

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At Hugging Face, we don’t believe that artificial intelligence is “neutral.” To make AI a positive force for humanity, it needs to have strong values applied to it. To make sure we are always doing this, and to make us accountable to the public, we have decided to publish our 🤗 AI Values.

- We are a very small startup.
- Our aim is building an AI that can hold a conversation, not an AGI.
- Every six months we audit our values.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Hugging Face Encourages Socialization, Not Isolation.

Our artificial intelligence is not designed to replace humans, it is designed to complement them. Hugging…

Bad meetings can kill your company. They waste people’s time, bring down morale and create frustration and poor team dynamics. Keeping your meetings essential and productive is key to success in a startup environment.

Having worked in startups for the past ten years, usually with remote teams, I have found that there are really only two types of meetings worth having. Furthermore, knowing what kind of meeting you want to have, and respecting the rules of that type of meeting are key to make them productive:

1/ The Brainstorming Meeting

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Goal: To generate ideas and cover the broader range of an idea.

Output: A…

A few days ago, Hugging Face crossed 100 million messages exchanged between users and their Artificial Intelligence friends.

The sheer volume speaks to how much AI has moved into the mainstream in recent months. A recent Gallop study shows than 47% of Americans currently use a digital personal assistant on their smartphones. Additionally, 22% use an intelligent home personal assistant. The trend — which may be one of the most important in recent years — is clear, people are welcoming AI into their everyday life, and are increasingly getting used to chatting socially with them.

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Some of the discussion subjects on Hugging Face

Some interesting insights from our…

On Monday, I was taking a look at Instagram’s reviews and noticed something unusual.

Instagram just doubled their number of ratings on the US app store — adding 2M+ in just a week!

These are the graphs from Appbot courtesy of Stuart Hall:

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Their average rating went up nicely too:

Wednesday June 28th, 4pm. Our Artificial Intelligence app, Hugging Face, has been running smoothly following a big influx of new users. It’s a normal day, and I’m looking over activity readouts when suddenly the app grinds to a complete halt. Thousands of teens chatting with their AI friends are getting nothing but silence in return.

I pull up Slack, and ask the tech team if we are down.

Julien, my co-founder and the CTO of Hugging Face, looks over the brains of our AIs, and comes up with nothing out of the ordinary. …

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A few weeks ago, we had the chance to talk to Scott Belsky during the botcamp program at betaworks. He talked about what he calls the first mile experience of a product.

It made us realize how important it was to focus as much on the initial experience of new users than on building product around behaviors of power users. However, we quickly noticed how hard it was to take a good metrics-driven approach to it:

  • Being in beta usually means lacking established channels of acquisition. It prevents you from driving significant cohorts of new users and get relevant metrics.

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A year ago, I was pretty excited by mobile video. So excited, it led me to envision a mobile Tumblr with an infinite video stream replacing the old and broken vertical newsfeed. But, then I considered it was too late — or too early— to compete head on with Snapchat on this subject. I thought they might keep killin it and well, kill it they did.

They announced last week that their users were now watching 10 billions videos per day. …

European tech is on fire! Not only do we produce more unicorns than ever but now prominent US investors are also calling the Europe startup market “a great market to invest in.

To be honest, I’ve always considered these notions of “nationality”, “borders” or “countries” kind of outdated both for people and startups. After all, I’m French, European, founded a French startup, then a US one, and now I’m working for a US-used-to-be-French startup & the person I’m the closest to is American, born and raised 4,000 miles away from me.

But labeling someone as “American” or “European” can be…

Trouble is for everyone my friends!

I’m not talking about serious problems— like losing a loved one — that you can’t unfortunately avoid being sad about. I’m taking about the daily shitty things that can ruin you day-to-day life. Think about a boss constantly yelling at you, an apartment you get kicked out from, a promotion you don’t get, one of your friends being crazy annoying, random uncertainties and much more,… And truth be told, the older we get, the more frequent and complicated it gets— what about adding crazy kids to the equation for the fun of it?


Clément Delangue

Co-founder at 🤗 Hugging Face & Organizer at the NYC European Tech Meetup— On a journey to make AI more social!

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