What I learnt about myself from a conversation with a scientist

What I learnt about myself from a conversation with a scientist.
My agency recently took on a new project, building a website for a scientist who specialises in helping people boost happiness and understand the importance of their energy and ‘frequency’.

Your frequency is how you come across. How you and your energy ‘feels’ to others. Have you ever met someone that has so much positivity about them that you can’t help to be drawn to them? Well, this is an effect of someone being in a ‘high-frequency’ state.

So after discussing the project in depth, I went off track and just put something out there to him..

*Just as a note, I don’t usually discuss things like this with anyone.

So although 95% of the time I feel like I’m on top of the world happy, every now and again (randomly) my mind will start thinking about negative episodes that have happened in the past. Which in turn temporarily makes me feel various feelings such as regret, shame, and fear. Not intensely.

It’s like when you feel sick, and you know that it could come up at any moment if you don’t focus on keeping it down. That sort of feeling but more in the mind and knowing if you don’t do something else, the thought could impact your mood.

I was fairly surprised to hear that what I was experiencing is completely normal. Having temporary feelings and your mind actively reflecting on the past is all part of how our brains work.

For example (he explained), if I got a text message whilst standing in a train station that shifted my emotional state dramatically a number of years ago, my brain would subconsciously try to bring that memory (along with any relevant others) forward as a function of my survival system the next time I visited that station.

So although emotionally testing occurrences happen all the time, the most impactful ones can be activated and begin to come forward into our consciousness from being associated anything in our surroundings such as music, products, the weather, smell, sound (the list is endless).

“Be conscious that IT WILL HAPPEN, and stay composed.”

I guess the lesson here is when/if you can ever you feel like one of those memories pulling itself forward in your head, don’t worry.

It’s temporary and as long as you distract yourself, it will subside. Be conscious that IT WILL HAPPEN, and stay composed.

There are so many things in this world we can’t control, but the least we can do is be prepared for them when they do.