Andela Home Learning: Day 1

Today is the first day of the home learning andela bootcamp.I would not call it the best. Why do I say this? Well l will let you know why. But wait, something about myself: I hate being caught up in deadlines. I love it when I complete tasks at least quite a while before the deadlines hit. This way am able review and improve my work comfortably without deadline induced panic. With deadline induced panic one may end up doing a shoddy job(not always) all in the sake of meeting the schedule. Sometimes with all the panic adrenalin you can end up doing a lot in a short span of time translating to high productivity(I have heard coders brag about this more times than I care to count). Nevertheless am always for “The earlier the better”. Be through with it the earliest possible. All said panic is sure not the ideal work condition.

That said let me share with you how it has been with the bootcamp so far . Most of us, if not all, had attempted the Andelabs before Monday. The slack channels were awash with the complaints: “Andelabs is down”, “I cannot run my code” , “My code runs successfully locally but not on Andelabs” . Everyone who tried to run their code on Saturday and Sunday were hit with a “Error running your script” error. We unanimously concluded, at least on slack, that Andelabs had an issue that had to be fixed and that we would wait until such a time to submit our programs. Maybe there was an ‘issue’ with Andelab that was ‘fixed’ on Monday but in retrospect I would say the lab is simply timed.

So on Monday. I have written my codes earlier and had them locally so what I had to do was submit. over the weekend we were adviced by the facilitator to upload our code to github. So I uploaded my code(for the bootcamp labs) as early as 12, the deadline is 4:30. I then moved to concentrate on OOP learning outcome for which I was supposed to submit an output on the same day. Sometime past lunch time I logged into slack and boom it’s been all busy for the past few hours. I had so many unread messages but it did not take long to realize that andelabs was up and running. Wow, am even in a new channel “Kenya cohort 11”, we caused so much activity in the general channel someone had to think fast and get us our own. Even our private channel is abuzz with activity as everyone has trouble running their Car Class lab. I even have direct messages consulting on the Car Class lab(little do I know I’ll soon be consulting as well)

It is a busy day. The learning curve is steep and am mostly loving it. I have successfully completed today’s tasks except for an issue with submitting the Car Class lab via the andelabs. It’s passing all visible tests but the hidden test is a hard nut to crack. We are doing this first week remotely(away from andela campus) and thus communications with the rest of the team are largely through the open andela sack where am currently a member of several channels. The members are helpful to each other and especially to us new members. I have learnt to use git and ooh here is an app I first heard of in Andela — Trello. It is an incredible way to keep track of your activities with time scheduled boards. Generally the Andela experience is incredible and am just wondering how better it will get as we move ahead.

All the same, all I can say is ’All Is Well’.