My TakeOff Conf 2016

I’ve spent the last 2 days in an amazing conference in Lille (Northern France) focused on the future of web technologies. It was a really great event to attend. Learning, meeting old friends and creating new ones ! …

Thursday morning, Bergues, 6h50 a.m.

My Mac is fully charged, so are my iPhone & iPad, the excellent Tweetbot app is ready. I’m really delighted to attend this conference which wasn’t organized last year.

Just get out from home, lock the door, and BOOM, a pouring rain started, I was soooo waterlogged when I took the train to Lille — 4th French city by size and inhabitants, heart of the French Tech — where the conference took place.

And… almost as usual, the train was stopped for 40 min at Hazebrouck (30 miles/45 km from Lille). I already know that I’ll be late. Damn !

Day #1

I finally arrived at Euratechnologies, at 9.30 a.m., I missed the breakfast 😡.

I won’t summarize all the talks, the huge majority of them was awesome, I was specially inspired by Quentin (from Clever Cloud), Olivier (from Algolia), Marcos (from Twilio) and Yannick’s talk. But I must give a public price to Tim carry’s presentation, his “masterpiece” is just incredibely amazing (more to see here :

We then spent few hour on a very nice bar I never push the doors before “Le Quai des Bananes” which serve more than 700 cocktails, folks from Lille, please push their doors (

I had the chance to spend time and with Quentin, Vincent (from and few others, delicious evening.

Photo summary of day 1 :

Left — Tim Carry speaking about Masterpieces as developer. Right — Marcos Placona, super vilain, on hacking Android apps.
Le Comptoir Volant — Food truck for the evening after party

Day #2

After a more or less long night, day #2 began with a breakfast, followed by @dmgarland talk about Brexit, hillarious and sooooo true ! Once again I won’t summarize all the talk (Next time, you’ll better attend the event !) here are my top 5 (not ordered) :

Then with a couple of folks we had a great evening at Dernier Cri HQ (hyper-center of Lille). Were I had the chance to try the HTC Vive (wonderful toy, thought !). Awesome improvised party !

Photo summary of day 2 :

Paul from Planet Booking about future of Javascript
Left — Aweome view from DernierCri HQ. Right — Benjamin playing with HTC Vive

Final words

I’ll surely use all those things I’ve learnt these 2 days last days in my start-up project. More informations here ! 🚛

I need to give a special mention to the brand new team behind the event (Damien, Yann, Benjamin, Maxime and others) and a big up to sponsors (Twilio, Algolia, Talkus, …) without whom this event couldn’t probably reborn from its ashes. Thanks all and see you next year !