Hi Clement, thanks for the data it’s always good to know.
Sunny Paris

Hi Sunny, thks for the comments and thoughts!

1- Re avg / median customers: it’s the avg and median values for the column “customers” on this spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h4Pfv3NAP2veoRC0DBJNtghMa44Mjb_kM6oHUPzsHEs/edit#gid=0 and it’s the number of customers that each startups has (number of seats when the pricing is seat based).

2- churn: totally agree with you. I think you can definitely have a profitable business with a 5% monthly churn but the problem is to scale, you’ll hit a plateau fast if you cannot maintain a huge growth at the top of the funnel.

3- revenue churn. Again agree with you, net and gross revenue churn are great metrics to look at, but unfortunately it’s not shared. As a note on the churn shared on this spreadsheet it’s also not 100% accurate as some companies shared revenue churn (but I’ve checked and it’s a minority of them)

4- revenue churn after 3months: I understand your point but to be honest I hear this very often that churn for startups is high at the beginning and less and less as people stay. I need to think more about it but it seems that it’s a “normal” pattern (= you get the people who are really motivated or the people who forgot that they pay for it…). Coming back to point #3 I have the impression that it’s more relevant to look at revenue churn (gross and net) than customer churn after X months. What do you think?

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