Andela boot camp experience so far…

My experience in Andela boot camp so far has been refreshing and so different, this not being my first time to attend. Well expectation being that by this time I would have been accustom to the routine but shock on me, every time it has been a different learning experience and thrilling in a way.

Looking back to the time when I first attended, I have been through a great journey and all guided with the Andela values. Working to achieve Excellence in everything I do, and having Passion to see work through whatever may come, Integrity and Collaboration for united you a stronger.

Working with flask is not a new thing to me but observing all the best practices while building a world class product, this has been the first for me.

Writing tests for flask was tricky at first, but after realising that the routes end point could be broken to modular part that can be tested in turn made working on this much fun as I watch my code pass the tests. Seeing the green OK on the terminal has a tune that has a way to spark joy in someones heart.

After dealing with the blinking cursor it was time to the app live, this was the first time that I was deploying anything to heroku. The deploying process was challenging yet easy, after figuring out how to configure the whole project all was done with a ‘git push heroku master’

Well these two days have posed a great but welcomed challenge to explore the world of flask.

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