The Andela challenges and how I have adopt

Just like many other organisations around the world, Andela has a number of challenges that one has to face before he/she can be integrated into the system. Are they difficult? Well I will let you be the judge as you read through this post. well, all I can say is that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

I have faced several challenges especially when working on different tasks and at some point almost thought of giving up, but my dream to become a world class software developer can’t allow me to give up. Thanks to my fellow boot campers and team facilitator who have really encouraged me and helped me focus on the bigger picture.

Challenges I faced can be categorized into writing skills, social skill and technical skills, The first week had us write a blog everyday and this was no easy task to me as I was expected to have some level of writing skills and it seemed a straight forward thing for me until I sat for minutes staring at the blinking cursor trying to structure the ideas in my mind. After reading through a number of blog posts my ideas started flowing, and I could express myself much better.

This is Andela, and technical challenges are always around, just waiting you to face that direction. Even with my previous programming skills week one was no walk in the park. The web API excise had me go though a few documentations online before settling on API. This was specifically hard since not all APIs are properly documented and some do change very fast.

Other challenges are developing one’s growth mindset, ability to adapt to various situations, being motivated and committed and what have you. All these are found in other organisations. The major challenge here is implementing the skill when the need arise. Part of them are in me but I am still trying to improve on them.

Am glad I made it to week two, I have already started facing the challenges that it has to offer. Generally, the Andela boot camp has a fair share challenges but I have learnt to handle this by taking it positively and studying as required. I now feel like an Andelan and I am going to do my best to join Andela and eventually become a world class software developer.