How Not to Resign from Our Revolution

Hey dude! It’s me, @clenchner. A few more things about this story…
1. The story was leaked to the press by Jeff Weaver, because he wanted to ‘get in front of it’ and insult former staffers, especially Zack Exley. Blaming the staff who resigned for not doing it less publicly is in effect, shaming them for something Jeff did maliciously. To the extent this damaged ‘the cause’ it is odd you aren’t blaming him above all.
2. The argument over taking money from millionaires wasn’t academic, and the denials from Larry Cohen came after the fact. Understand: Jeff was insisting on big money for ads as a strategy, and the staff who resigned were motivated, in part, by a desire to make sure this didn’t happen. It looks like they were successful; for this we owe them a debt.
3. Can you at least include in this story an amazing fact: the best most committed staffers (the ones who survived all the waves of campaign layoffs and were still around for OR) have so little confidence in this Jeff LARPER that they would rather quit on a dime (after having signed leases for new apartments in the DC area) than stick around? I’ve been working in politics and nonprofits for 25 years and that is next level shit. Just WHAT IF it is justified? Your article makes no allowance for that.
4. Some of the staff who did not quit are INTENDING TO. So what, bless them for trying to save a sinking ship? Or understand just how awful all of this is.
5. One reason this got so hot so fast, is that there is a history of Jeff being an abusive boss who undermines his own staff and pursues a ‘strategy’ at odds with what volunteers, staff, surrogates, vendors and others thing is wise. He’s an attention seeking monster doing everything he can to enrich himself and drag Bernie world back into the shitty beltway mainstream. It’s no unfair to notice that and take a principled position against it.

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