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Let’s play a little game.

I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t read this, and you can choose right away: stay or go.

Just let me know below, so I know how it works.

That’s right I’m firmly dissuading you from reading on, if any of these three conditions are true for you (or the people you work with):

1. You’re all about EXPERTS like “motivational speakers”, “epiphany generators”, “mindset fixers” and “authenticity gurus” to help you “get inspired”, “find your passion” and “help you align with the Universe” ─ and still, even when you do find them, you take zero…

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If you are a consultant, a facilitator, a business trainer, a business or other coach, a speaker or a copywriter, you understand how emotions are a vital element in the experience we deliver to our attendees, participants or customers.

Sparking emotions has a tremendous effect in helping people open up and thus better absorb new inputs.

However, tying our content to an actionable outcome is equally valuable ─ though often neglected.

Based on my experience, with a considerable number of occasions, as a project manager, an event organizer and a learning-focused operational, I know that the content we share and…

Cleo Eleftheriades

⚡️ Author of ”The 10 Online Marketing Moves”⚡️ ▪️ I help busy entrepreneurs turn their service into a product that sells online▪️CEO | Online Entrepreneur

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