A message from beyond the grave, before my time.

This life is temporary. I am not entitled to the air that is in my lungs. The blessing of every heartbeat does not guarantee another. At some point I will be of more use in another form. At that point my body will no longer be of use. If that point comes sooner than you may hope, I would like to know that I left this message:

I am not gone. I am still with you. Now, more than ever before. I am gone from the physical so that I can be of more service to you. So that I can know you better, and love you better. Now, I can be with you all the time. Whenever you call me, I will be there. In an instant. There are no restraints on my time, location or energy because I am in my eternal form. Please, seek Spirit, so that you can know you aren’t alone. So that you can know I am here, always. Please, ask that the veil of illusion be removed, that the realm of the eternal be illuminated to you. Please, dwell there with me.. whenever it pleases you. I have transitioned so that I can know the inner workings and desires of your heart, and so that I can whisper love songs into your ears to remind you how worthy you are. I now I know all your thoughts, words and actions. Even the ones that you want to hide away in shame. Yet, I adore you. Not despite anything. Not because of anything. I just see the inherent perfection in you. I cannot not see it, because I only see truth. I cannot not love you, because I AM Love.

Thank you. For being all that you are. For doing all that you do. For trying so hard. You are doing so well. Being human isn’t easy. This plane of density is so painful.. and yet, so beautiful. Try to appreciate every moment of it. Forgive yourself when you don’t. Try to come back to love in every moment. Forgive yourself when you don’t. Try to seek stillness, to hear me communicating with you. To see me moving through all things. Try to not let doubt cloud your vision. Forgive yourself when you don’t.

Please, know how powerful you are. I will continue to remind you. Please, continue to listen. The power of your thoughts, and the power of your words.. there is nothing that compares. Know that when you call me I am there. Because when you speak, spirit moves. Spirit is in all things. I AM all things. Ask for what you need. Ask for what you want. I will become what you desire, because I love you and I desire for your every desire to be fulfilled. I am limitless now, please don’t doubt me. Please don’t doubt what I would do for you.

In the physical, I was not perfect. I did my best. I always did my best. But I was not perfect. Because of that, I thought unloving thoughts. I spoke unloving thoughts. I took unloving action. If you were impacted by any of those, you are entitled to anger, you are entitled to pain. Please, honour your feelings. I honour your feelings. Don’t think you cannot feel them because I have passed and that makes it insensitive. I don’t need you to be sensitive to me now, I cannot be hurt. I cannot be offended. I cannot not love you. Speak to me of your grievances, and let me bring comfort to your heart.

I love you. I love you. I love you. I will always be here for you. I will never leave you. You will never be alone. Even in your darkest hour. I will always be there. My love is steady, there is nothing you could do that would make you unworthy.

Be honest. Be true. Be good to you. Please, care about you so that you can feel my care for you. Love you, so that you can feel my love for you. Let me in. Keep me close.

Love is what you are. Love is what I AM.