We are mirrors

I am a reflection of your perception

Everything I see in you is a reflection of me, of what I choose to see.

If I see beauty in you, it is a reflection of the beauty in me. It is beautiful to see the beauty in things. The biggest falsity is that beauty is in physicality. Things are beautiful because they exist. It is our minds that choose to see that or not. To compare and contrast and convince us that “some things/people just really are not beautiful”. But that is a reflection of ourselves. It is a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves, because the biggest illusion is separation. Our egos want to convince us that some parts of ourselves are not beautiful and are not worthy of being loved. The extent to which we believe these judgements of ourselves is the extent to which we will judge others/things outside of ourselves. And when we judge others, we are judging ourselves. Because in reality there is no separation between our internal and external realities, there is no separation between me and you. As above, so below. We are mirrors. The way I show up in your life is a direct reflection of your internal reality. What are you seeing in me? In what ways do you judge me? What do you notice about me? What do I trigger in you? I am an infinite universe, as are each of us. So what you see in me says more about you than it does about me. We live in an infinite universe. What you see in the world and what you see the world as says more about you than it does about the world.

I celebrate the beauty and magnificence in my friends, but sometimes I make comparisons and I shrink myself and feel inferior. Like they are better than me, more beautiful, more talented, more kind, more loving, more wise, more connected, a better dancer, better with people, more confident, more funny, more stylish, more sexy. I could go on. But I am being reminded that we are mirrors. So that means there is no need for comparison. That means that when I celebrate someone else I am celebrating myself. I must remember we are mirrors. We are mirrors, we are mirrors. I cannot be invested in the illusion of separation. Only love is real.

Knowing we are mirrors is also the most amazing tool for self analysis! What I notice about another shows me what I am judging myself for, it shows me where I am carrying guilt, or shame. When I judge women’s bodies, I am showing myself I have healing to do with my relationship with my own body, I am yet to love and accept it. When I judge a woman’s sexual activities, I am showing myself shame that I am carrying around my own sexuality. When I judge a white person for their ignorance about racism, I am showing myself guilt and shame I am carrying for my own existence.

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