Uses for a 1 Gallon Ziploc Bag

Pour in olive oil and rosemary before adding the small red potatoes. They’re new potatoes. Shake the bag. Bake at 350º. It’s a family occasion and your dad loves the meat and starch dinner. The American family, with the meat and potatoes at a wooden table. It’s quiet and we’re doing alright.

Place the fold-heavy sheets of paper, photos, movie tickets in their new plastic vacuum home. Don’t read the letters they wrote you at age 17. Push the air out, to preserve the freshness. Air moves quickly—it shapes mountains and makes you know time is passing. Into storage it goes, to open once you’ve forgotten what this feels like.

Toothbrush, deodorant, lotion. Toiletries need plastic to hold them. They’re leaky tubular things. Shove it all in quickly, there’s traffic on the 405. The red eye is tough and there’s always later to unpack—but while you are sleeping the deodorant gets all over everything. It was forced into sharing that space. It should have had its own bag and now it all smells like their hugs, and that’s not meant to be shared with everything in the bag. That’s supposed to be vacuum sealed and saved for later when you forget what this feels like.

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