Recently had an argument with a colleague of mine, he made a statement and i quote

“ if you cant debug, i wont consider you as a good developer “

Now, he made some pretty solid arguments that left me wanting to share.During this conversation we came to a conclusion:

“Reusable codes mean nothing, if we cant read, and incorporate them into our project, in doing so errors are bound to occur, how will you fix these errors if you cant debug?”

I believe a good developer is also one who not just writes codes, but write good reusable codes.

DEBUGGING according to google means ‘identify and remove errors from (computer hardware or software).’ We are all pivoting and voting for reusable codes, as this makes our lives better, and you have to agree the quote above is pretty valid.

Creating code is only part of a programmer’s job. When software doesn’t work as expected, a programmer is expected to get to the root of the problem quickly and effectively. Instead of spending hours blindly making changes, search for a programmer who prefers to carefully investigate his code and research possible issues until an answer is found. (copied)

Now to his point, can we define a good developer by this ability or inability to debug, i think the answer is yes, we all want our codes to be perfect, but truth be told you have to put in the work and not everything comes out as expected.

What do you think? TRUE OR FALSE?

I would like to say that F10, F11 and F12 have become my best friends in visual studio as it is my preferred IDE at the moment for project I do for the company I currently work in, we all have our preferences.But if you are interested here are a few links to show you how to debug with VS.

Never forget to always research and read up more.