Chapter One: In The Beginning

How to Progress Through PROGRESS

There are no must-see promos before the show, but there are two versions of a trailer for the show here and here.

El Ligero vs Noam Dar ** [Available on YouTube]
This is the first match in PROGRESS history, so is worth seeing just for that alone. These two also play a big part in the next few years.

Nathan Cruz vs Colossus Kennedy *
The main event will give you a sense of the winner of this match’s character and potential.

Mike Mason vs Colt Cabana *

Zack Sabre Jr vs Marty Scurll **
So this match isn’t crucial from a story perspective, but it is VERY GOOD. It’s one of the very best matches of the early PROGRESS years and a match that really put them on the map.

BWC Scarlo Championship: Xander Cooper © vs Darrell Allen vs Zack Gibson *
This is a nice match to watch for when one of these guys reappears much later to see the progress (aheh).

PROGRESS Championship four-way elimination match ***
The four winners of the first matches face off to crown the first champion. This match sets up the first four shows of story and is of course a match of historical importance.

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