Chapter Three: Fifty Shades of Pain

How to Progress Through PROGRESS

Jon Ryan issued a challenge to Jimmy Havoc [video deleted], and Jimmy responds.

Noam Dar vs Paul Robinson *

BWC Scarlo Championship: Mark Andrews © vs Xander Cooper *
This is the final BWC match, with the Natural Progression Series effectively taking its place from Chapter Four.

London Riots vs Bastard Squad (Danny Garnell & Darrell Allen) **
This match gives an indication of the short term direction for the London Riots, and for the future for Darrell Allen.

Jimmy Havoc vs Jon Ryan ***
This is another important early chapter in this story, despite it being Jon Ryan’s only appearance.

RJ Singh vs Rob Cage *

Lion Kid vs Stixx *

El Ligero & Nathan Cruz vs Dave Mastiff & Greg Burridge ***
Rivals become tag team partners, and at the end the next main event is clear.

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