Chapter Two: The March of PROGRESS

How to Progress through PROGRESS

Zack Sabre Jr explains why he won’t be at Chapter Two (or any chapter until Chapter Five).

Nathan Cruz issues a challenge, and Marty Scurll responds (I couldn’t find the original video, but his response is in this show intro video).

Jim Smallman responds to a request from Jimmy Havoc. Havoc makes his case and sends a training montage, before Smallman makes a final decision.

Stixx vs Lion Kid *

BWC Scarlo Championship: Mark Andrews © vs Wild Boar *
Mark Andrews won the title from Cooper on another show.

Noam Dar vs Darrell Allen *

Jimmy Havoc vs Danny Garnell ***
This is the start of a major thread, of which all will be ** or ***.

London Riots vs Velocity Vipers ** [Available on YouTube]
This match isn’t must-see in a vacuum, but it sees the debut of three individuals who are a major part of PROGRESS’ entire history.

Number One Contendership: El Ligero vs Greg Burridge vs RJ Singh *
Knowing that this match exists, the next match will give you all you need to know story-wise.

PROGRESS Championship Two Out of Three Falls: Nathan Cruz © vs Marty Scurll ***
This passes the title feud onto the next challenger, and is also an excellent match.

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