How to Progress through PROGRESS

Sorry Rob, I stole your title…

Back in July of 2015, Rob Reid of the Brit Wres Roundtable podcast started a thread on the Voices of Wrestling forum called “Rob’s Guide on How to Progress through PROGRESS”. The purpose was to have a one-stop shop for new viewers to PROGRESS Wrestling, reviewing the matches and telling you what you need to see. It also compiled all the stuff in-between shows that was necessary to see. However, the thread stopped at Chapter 33. So I thought it was only right someone finished the job.

I won’t be reviewing matches or giving star ratings, that’s not my job. Instead, I’ll be using a three star system to tell you how crucial it is that you watch this on your watch through. These are absolutely NOT an indication of opinion or quality. It will of course be spoiler free.

*** = a must-see. If you want to watch to see the main threads of PROGRESS through the years, stop and watch this match.

** = relevant to the stories at hand, but not something you will feel lost if you don’t see.

* = a deep cut. If you need to see everything, watch this. If you’re only interested in following the stories, you don’t need to see it.

So. Let’s get going?

Chapter One: In The Beginning
Chapter Two: The March of PROGRESS
Chapter Three: Fifty Shades of Pain
Chapter Four: The Ballad of El Ligero 
Chapter Five: For Those About to Fight, We Salute You
Chapter Six: We ❤ Violence
Chapter Seven: Every Saint Has a Past, Every Sinner Has a Future
Chapter Eight: The Big Boy’s Guide to Strong Style
Chapter Nine: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kick Me, Kill Me
Chapter Ten: Glory Follows Virtue as if it Were its Shadow
Chapter Eleven: To Fight War, You Must Become War
Chapter Twelve: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Room
Chapter Thirteen: Unbelievable Jeff
Chapter Fourteen: Thunderbastard
Chapter Fifteen: Just Because You’re Paranoid…
Chapter Sixteen: Very Very Very Breaky Breaky Breaky Bishi Bishiii
Chapter Seventeen: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Chapter Eighteen: The Show We Can’t Call Progresslemania…
Chapter Nineteen: Super Strong Style 16 2015
Chapter Twenty: Thunderbastard: Beyond Thunderbastard
Chapter Twenty-One: You Know We Don’t Like To Use the Sit-Down Gun
Chapter Twenty-Two: Trust, Encouragement, Loyalty, Reward, Satisfaction
Chapter Twenty-Three: What a Time to be Alive
Chapter Twenty-Four: Hit the North
Chapter Twenty-Five: Chat Shit, Get Banged
Chapter Twenty-Six: Unknown Pleasures
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Lost Art of Suffering
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Practically PROGRESS in Every Way
Chapter Thirty: Super Strong Style 16 2016
Chapter Thirty-One: All Hail the New Puritans
Chapter Thirty-Two: 5000 to 1
Chapter Thirty-Three: Malice in Wonderland
Chapter Thirty-Four: Keep it Unreal
Chapter Thirty-Five: Writing Nirvana on Other People’s Bags
Chapter Thirty-Six: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Room…Again
Chapter Thirty-Seven: A Sudden Sense of Liberty
Chapter Thirty-Eight: When Men Throw Men at Men
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Graps of Wrath
Chapter Forty: Intercepted Angel
Chapter Forty-One: Unboxing Live
Chapter Forty-Two: Life, the Universe and Wrestling
Chapter Forty-Three: Tropic Thunderbastard