[Event] Talken Kakaotalk Event (~6/23)

Jun 5 · 2 min read

Talken is having a Kakao Talk participation Event!!👏👏👏

However isn’t it important to know what Talken is before you participate in the event?

So, here is a quick information on what Talken is!

Talken is a blockchain platform that provides a place to create token information content for users and rewards for their contribution.

The word ‘Talken’ is a mix between ‘to talk’ and ‘Token’.

So ‘to Talk’ symbolizes the commuity service and ‘Token’ symbolizes the exchange!

To wrap it up, Talken provides an crypto friendly environment for projects with potential to introduce themselves and communicate with users!

Participating Date: ~June 23th

How to Participate:

- Participate in Talken’s official Kakao Talk and submit your screen capture to the Google Form below.
- Write your Kakao Talk ID in Clet’s bounty banner.
- Your TALK token will be airdropped to your Clet wallet after inspection!

Google Form: ttps://forms.gle/DSdtvJVTR7KCfLJj9

Kakao Talk: https://open.kakao.com/o/gwWh6zrb

Price: $5 worth of TALK

※ Please note that your reward will be given after reviewing all the submissions and if you leave the community during the review, you might not be rewarded. (Expected inspection date: after July 3rd)

Also, please note that you cannot change your photo after uploading.​

For CLET Download👇👇