[Notice] How to participate in TSO

May 28 · 3 min read

Recently we have held many ICO and TSO events. However some of you might have had questions on what TSO is. So, let me explain really simply about what TSO is! 🙋🙋

TSO is, in simple terms, a function that allows you to invest in ICO with other coins. Which means that you can participate in the ICO projects with the coins that you received from Clet’s airdrops! 😲

Amazing, right?

So let’s take part in the ICO that was recently held!

Step 1. Check out ICO currently on sale

First, check out the current ICO on Clet main banner. Click on the banner with the phrase ‘ICO’ and then press the ‘Invest in ICO’ button.

Let’s participate in Eyeschain!

*Read about Eyeschain for more information below the botton!

Step 2. Purchase with my asset

If you press the ‘Invest in ICO’ button, you can participate in ICO in two ways:

One is to send money to your own wallet address given to each user, and the other is to buy it with ‘My Asset’ in Clet.

Here you can see a list of coins with TSO function.

I will purchase Eyeschain coin with NEEO coin.

Step 3. Check Exchange Price

Exchange price is set at 0.006136 EYE per NEEO! Because there is no fee, all you need to do is press Purchase and you will be able to buy your coin!

Step 4. Check Your Wallet

If you want to make sure that your investment with these exchanged coins has been successful, you can check out in the “Wallet” tab. Additional exchanges will stack with the same list of EYE coins.

Now you can join ICO more easily with CLET!!


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