⭐Step by Step Clet Guide⭐

May 21 · 6 min read

Hello! This is Clet.!

Thanks to the love that you guys give to our app, today, we are going to give you a quick step by step guide to make the best use out of our app!

This is the first Main page that you will see when you enter our app.

You will have to log-in either using Facebook or your E-mail.

If you don’t have an account, please sign in!

There are 3-easy-steps to sign in. First, enter your basic profile. Then verification is needed with your phone number and last, you will have to verify with your e-mail as well.

When you finish logging in, you will see this main page.
The banners you can see on the main home represents the airdrop projects.👍

Also, each banner has ‘Airdrop mark’ on the upper right side.🎈
When this airdrop icon lighted in blue,
it means you can get airdrop now on this airdrop project.
If you already received airdrop or if the airdrop runs out, the blue light on the icon goes out.
Therefore, please check before you receive airdrop whether it is possible to get one!😉

In this banner on the left, you can see the Bounty Banner Events that is going on.

If you slide the banner, you can see different events, so please check all the events and don’t miss them~!🙋🙋🙋

You can check more banners in different ways, too!!
The banner (in the first picture above) links right through the web.
You can visit contents related to investments right through clicking those banners✨

Underneath, you can find ‘Today’s Hot Issue’ tab that we recommend to our users.

The banners at the bottom of our app, you find ICO businesses!
This part helps you to easily get the information of ICO businesses and invest to them👌

So, now importantly, how and when can we get Airdrops? 🤔

If you receive a push message guiding you that Airdrops are open, it’s time for you to move quickly.
Airdrops are all gone in 1~3minutes!

There are 3 ways in which you can find out about airdrops.

  1. We send out an e-mail every morning guiding you Today’s Airdrop💌

So now, here are steps guiding you how to get airdrops!

​1. Check one of the 3 places that we guided you above to check today’s Airdrop. (The company’s name and the place that you can get hints from. (Telegram or Kakako Talk)

2. Go into either Telegram or Kakao Talk to check the hint and find the code. 🔑

3. Come back to the app and press the banner of the company.

​4. Then, the page of the business which does the airdrop project will appears.There are some simple informations about the business and things related to ICO. Scroll down to the end of the page.

5. Press the button at the bottom of the page and write down the code.

When you click this button, new page informing ‘AIRDROP completed’ appears.

At the same time, received coin is sent to your ‘WALLET’.

Have you ever experienced this kind of simple and easy airdrop APP?
bet you haven’t!✌

​Now it’s time to check the airdrops sent to your wallet!

When you press the ‘Wallet’ tab, you will find all the coins that you received until now in a simple list.

The more airdrops you get, the longer the list gets!💰💰

Also, you can see a rough total balance of the coin, calculated based on the initial issue price of the coins.💲

The value of the coin is shown in the form of USD, which makes users easily predict the total balance!

You can transfer your coins to your individual wallet service through ‘withdrawal’ function.

But be aware that the withdrawal will be opened sequentially. The withdrawal schedule may vary depending on the date each airdrop was received.

This policy is designed to prevent prices from falling if a large amount of tokens are withdrawn at once.

So check the color of the button to see the steps!

However, CLET is not only just for the quick airdrop!

It means, there are more various function in the CLET official version, especially 🌟Community category🌟.

We wanted to help you experience a lot more plentiful events, news or media through the community category.

Therefore, please don’t leave CLET right after receiving airdrop and visit our community category to get various events or related media!💨💨

If you already knew, you are a SMART user who can fully use our CLET service🧐

The first page you can see on the community category is event page.

Anyone who wants to get information for the blockchain event but difficult to gather information can get help without difficulty! :)

By just clicking the event banner which you are interested in, you can see every information and even application link at once💡

There is also a media page, which you can see the diverse news related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Check every new word about blockchain industry and updated market price of cryptocurrency conveniently on CLET!🤗

Now are you ready to make good use of CLET?

If you are, click CLET now and experience new function you didn’t know before!

Thank you!😀👋👋👋