So What Happened to You?

So What Happened to You?

What ever made rules seem like facts to you? What happened to your curiosity while growing up? As a child, you wanted to know why things were done in a particular way.

You wanted to know what the origin of the rules were — how they came to be and why?

You refused to follow orders blindly — you had questions.

Remember when you wanted to conquer the world? How you would talk about your “future inventions” — how you talked about establishing companies all around the world.

You saw yourself as the best. Not once did you see your dreams as too difficult — not once did you think of yourself as dull or incapable of achieving your dreams.

Remember how you wanted to be a star when you grew up? You wanted to be a role model to people — you wanted to be a source of inspiration globally.

You believed in yourself. You would have fought with anybody who told you that you wouldn’t achieve your dreams; because sincerely, you believed in yourself.

You believed you would come up with innovations — solutions that would change the world.

You really did believe in yourself, and you believed you could achieve anything.

Now you’re all grown up. A graduate with degrees who sits in an enclosed office signing papers. You claim you’ve seen life’s true colours; dreams like those you had don’t come through.

You thought you would create inventions but your teachers said you weren’t good in solving mathematics.

You believed them because your grades were poor.

You let school determine what you could and could not do.

You let school determine how far you would go in life.

You followed the cycle — You went to school because everyone else around you went to school. You never stopped and asked yourself why you did the things you did.

They told you going to school was the only way you could become successful in life. They told you getting a degree was the only way you could gain recognition in the society.

You wanted to be an Engineer but your grades said you couldn’t.

You wanted to be a scientist but your grades said you couldn’t.

Everyone around you said you needed good grades to be what you wanted to be.

Well, of course — you believed them because you thought going to school was the only way you could become successful.

And so you went to school.

You thought school would make you achieve your dreams; you thought that if you went to school, studied hard and came out with a first class degree, then you could achieve anything you wanted. But school only made you a “graduate”.

You believed in school so much that you forgot about personal development.

You put all your time in getting a degree and you forgot about your own goals and dreams.

Now just like most people, you are a graduate who has got a job and has probably worked and struggled hard enough to buy a car and raise a family. Now all you do is work while waiting for retirement or death — and as though you were never here, you leave; all your dreams as a child, goals and ambition, gone!

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