I’ve Lost That Lovin Feeling for You, McDonalds

“If you spent all your time looking at your competition, your product will end up looking like your competition’s ass.”

I’m so NOT lovin’ the new McDonalds advertising campaign.

I know times are tough — they’ve got a new CEO trying to right the ship but sales continue to drop, and they are getting desperate to find a way to resonate with millennials. It makes me sad though to see the king of hamburgers cash it in when it comes to creativity and originality.

When I first saw their new commercial, I couldn’t believe one of the most recognized brands in the world, the brand that all other brands at one time wanted to be, decided to blatantly copy Burger King and Hardees/Carls Jr.

A larger than life picture of a Big Mac and a guy yelling at me about eating meat isn’t the way to get me to McDonalds. Not only is it a little pathetic but not sure how it’s going to possibly work. After all, does anyone go to McDonalds because of their food?

I can’t tell you how the cheeseburgers or chicken mcnuggets tasted, but I clearly remember the booth I sat in as a kid every time we went there on a Sunday evening after playing a long weekend of softball.

And I’ll never forget the year they introduced Monopoly.

I begged my parents to go there as often as we could, and as I collected the game pieces, I taped them up on my bedroom wall.

During high school, my parents were convinced that my sister and I played better basketball after eating McDonalds so every Tuesday and Friday during the season, we each ate a cheeseburger and small fry as our pre-game ritual.

Then came the beanie baby craze!

I think my mom and I went to every McDonalds in Kansas trying to collect them all. We ate happy meals for months, and I’m pretty sure there are still some in the back of my parent’s freezer.

Most recently, McDonalds was where we took our daughter Scarlett on her third birthday, and it’s also where our daughter Stella wanted to go to celebrate her first day of Kindergarten.

I could share a million more memories of McDonalds through the years (like those times in college before debit cards where I wrote checks for my #2 at the drive through for $4.47 and crossed my fingers that the check cleared the bank), but the bottom line is McDonalds has been a part of my whole life.

Sure they sell food but it’s not the main reason I keep going back.

McDonalds creates memories that last a lifetime.

They help us mark moments in time and make us smile. That’s the true magic of McDonalds. It’s what they’ve got that no one else has or can recreate.

In my opinion, that’s where they should put their time, money and resources today. Not trying to compete with the other guys. McDonalds is in a league of its own. They should be innovative (not reactive) in their thinking and marketing. They need to get the competition out of their head and focus 100% on us — their customers. They can get back on top if they concentrate on what really matters — the experience, the feeling, the happiness they make.

Although I don’t love what they’re doing right now, I’m rooting for McDonalds. They mean a lot to me. I hope they care about me too.

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