New feature: ‘Tests’ module

We developed a new feature which allows to create tests, send them to candidates via email, and track results.

There are 2 tabs: «Create new test» and «My tests».

‘Create new test’

A page to build new tests. You will be able to:

1. Specify the test title. Please try to choose a title that describes the test goal and is clear for candidates.

2. Add a short description. Describe in few words the test goal, features, details, and everything that candidates should know while they passing the test.

3. Enter the question title. Be concise and exclude ambiguity, so candidates could understand the question accurately.

4. Define the question type:
· Tests: one/multiple correct answer(s) of multiple options;
· Text answer: an independent answer written by candidates.

5. Choose the number of points for correct test answers. It’s disabled for ‘text’ answers as they are evaluated subjectively.

6. Set a time limit for passing the test. Choose the time needed for candidates to finish the test. If a candidate doesn’t match the deadline, the test will be finished and results will be saved automatically.

Once you save the new test, it appears at «My tests» tab.

‘My tests’

You will find here a list of all tests created in your account. Here you can view detailed test results, send tests to new candidates, edit and delete existing tests.

Click the «Show» button to open the detailed test results for each candidate.

You can delete and edit tests via appropriate icons which appear when you hover over the test line.

Click «Send» to send a test to new candidates. Once you do this, you will be able to select needed candidates entering their names in the search line. Click on the candidate to add him\her to a list below.

Candidates without emails in their profiles will be unable to receive test links.

Use a menu on the right to edit the email subject line and title.

Click the «Send» to email candidates with the link on the test page so they could start it. You can remove candidates from the list, and change the candidate email here as well page.

Test passing and scoring logic

Once a candidate receives the email, he/her could go to a separate test page via the link you sent. There will be mentioned the title and the description you specified + a few details to describe the test.

The timer launches and the first answer appears once a candidate clicks on the «Start test» button.

If a candidate finished the test before the time limit, he/she could choose «Go back» or «Save and finish the test.»

If time expired before a candidate answered all the questions, the test will be finished automatically; all completed answers will be saved.
Points will be assigned only for 100% correct answer. This means that the correct answer is counted as 3 of 3 options (not 2 of 3, etc.).

Once a candidate completes the test, the user who sent the test receives a notification letter with a link to the test results. Also, you could see results at the «Test results» block in a candidate profile.

We will keep on working on this feature to improve its UX and add some extra functions (percentiles, etc.)

Via CleverStaff blog.