Taylor Swift

On August 25th, 2017 Taylor Swift released a new single called “Look What You Made Me Do”. Taylor Swift originally started as a country singer but over the years has veered away from country and moved onto creating pop music. I am personally a huge Taylor Swift fan and always have been, which is why it kills me to say that I really dislike her new song and style. Taylor Swift has announced that she plans on releasing a new album in November 2017 and if this song is any indication of how her newest album “Reputation” will sound, I sadly will not be purchasing the album. The song begins with her speaking rather than singing in a very edgy voice. It isn’t until 45 seconds into the song that she actually begins singing and then the song just goes downhill from there. She begins singing about revenge for about 15 seconds until the horrific chorus begins of her repeating “ooh look what you made me do” for approximately 16 seconds. The song clearly portrays that Taylor Swift has been hurt by someone and wants revenge, this is obvious by not only the lyrics but by the way she speaks in the song and the tone of the music. The tone is very eerie and mysterious and you can hear the anger in her voice. The song comes across as a message to the person who hurt her. She wants them to know that she was hurt and feels like she cannot trust anyone and that karma will get that person. There is a line in the song where Swift states “I’m sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, why? Oh, because she’s dead”. This line right here indicates that Taylor Swift is changing her image and sound and will no longer be like the “old” Taylor Swift. I am very intrigued for this new album and to see how Taylor is going to change and portray herself to the public.