The Lavender Menace — TERFs Forgetting Herstory
Virginia Hall

The trans movement is promoting a poststructuralist notion of gender that considers the materiality of the body an epistemological uncertainty, and views gender identity as ones innate knowledge of who they are that by virtue of its essential subjectivity, is unfalsifiable.

This, in short, is bullshit. Womanhood is a material reality. Women are oppressed as a sex class. And don’t lecture me on second wave feminism. I know the movement’s history. Do not equate the calls for obscuring the oppression of women as a sex class and centering people born and socialized as men within feminism with a “fight for inclusion”. Utter nonsense.

Your argument is weak. And I find it particularly amusing given that in trans/queer circles, “lesbian” as it has long been defined has become practically synonymous with second wave feminism, and is increasingly considered a problematic identity-unless one agrees that male bodied people with penises can also be lesbian. Gosh, that’s not problematic at all.

What has the trans movement done for women and feminism, exactly? Let’s see:

  • Sex based legal protections are being rendered meaningless by gender identity protections.
  • Women are being told that talking about our bodies is triggering and “cissexist”.
  • The rhetoric of gender identity and calls for “inclusive language” are being employed to subvert the language through which women describe their material reality. This is particularly problematic for reproductive feminism.
  • And despite male violence against women being a huge problem, women are supposed to accept people born male and socialized accordingly in to women’s spaces and center them in feminism.
  • Oh and let’s not forget that should a woman question or object to any of the above, many trans folks and their allies are quick to silence her by accusing her of being transphobic, a bigot or a “terf” (which has basically come to mean a bitch who should shut up). And all the lovely threats of violence made by trans women towards natal women. That’s swell too.

A woman is an adult human female. There is no one experience of womanhood (as there is no one experience of having membership in any oppressed group). But there are common experiences, and it is a material reality, not a innate sense of self.

To be clear- I fully support gender non conformity. Gender roles are bullshit and should be abolished. I do not support ignoring material reality and obscuring the oppression of women as a sex class in favor of a navel-gazing, post structuralist conceptualization of gender “identity” that is entirely subjective, individually determined, that no one can seem to adequately explain without relying on stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity, and that is tenuously “supported” by cherry picked and misrepresented neuroscience research with small sample sizes and flawed methodology.

I’ve seen your posts and your comments. You may be able to sway others with your words, but I’ve read the scientific research and I’ve read the theory. And I ain’t buying what you’re selling.

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