2 wine plans are better than 1. Find out why.

Mini-Interview #4 featuring Huishan Lim & Scott Poh

The French Cellar Members since 2014

Huishan, why did you subscribe to The French Cellar?

I like good surprises and I like wine — having 2 good wines delivered to me on a monthly basis, delivering unexpected finds, is right up my alley. The wines go straight to my office, and it’s a great way to make sure I always have good wines on hand for “after work discussions”.

Scott, you have two monthly wine subscriptions, Vineyard Gems and Tasting Voyage, may we know why?

I enjoy new experiences — drinks, food, and activities. And because I do not drink alone, 2 bottles a month are barely enough for my drinking sessions with family and friends. Subscribing to two plans gives me four different experiences — having worked out the math, subscribing to two plans gives me more value for money than ordering the wines separately.

Huishan and Scott, you have participated in a few public and corporate wine tasting events, how were the experiences?

Scott: At these events, I enjoyed tasting a variety of wines from sparkling, whites, rosés, and a variety of reds at one go. Pairing with canapes, cheeses and oysters also opened my eyes to the world of wine pairings. These events were also casual and relaxed, with refills on the wines we like. If there can be more variety in locations and perhaps sit-down wine pairing dinners, there would be even more value for us in our wine discovery journey!

Huishan: I have been to a few events with my friends and colleagues, and I love how the events showcase wines as a social experience. I remember in particular the oyster tasting event — fresh, succulent oysters paired beautifully with wines are truly decadent! Something I really like about the events is also how they are not intimidating at all. The French Cellar guys are always happy to share their knowledge and wine trivia with us. It just makes the entire experience that much more fulfilling.

Huishan, What is the most surprising French wine & Asian meal pairing you did so far?


Huishan, Scott, would you recommend The French Cellar to your friends?

Scott: Only to the generous ones who are willing to share!

Huishan: I have recommended it to my colleagues and friends who enjoy their wines! We catalogue the wines on apps like Vivino and look forward to (and discuss!) each month’s selection.

Thanks a lot! Proud to have you in The French Cellar community

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Originally published at www.thefrenchcellar.sg on March 12, 2016.

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