How Hair Care Tips are Going to Solve your Hair Care Problems

Are you having difficulty in maintaining your hairs? If, Yes then you should perhaps start caring for it so that it doesn’t get damaged. Many of us protect our skin but soon forget that hair is also an essential part, and you need to maintain it as you do to your skin. Hair gets damaged due to a various reasons such as harmful UV rays etc. The hair, especially in summer, should be maintained with extra care. Here are the summer hair care tips that is suited for all the best men’s hairstyle :-

Having a haircut that is short

Having a haircut that is short can be beneficial for Black Men Hairstyle as well as everyone as it will keep you cooler by allowing heat to go through from the scalp. Keeping short hairs is also hygienic as it allows you to wash the scalp.

Massaging your hair with oil

Regular hair massage with oil is important as it keeps the hair hydrated and thus helps to attain hair that is shining and strong.

Applying hair sunscreen lotion

Many people judge it wrong that sunscreen lotion are just made for skin, but practically they can also be used for hairs. Apply good sun screen lotion can help you save your scalp from sunburns.

Covering the hair with cap

Whenever you go outside, try to cover your hair with cap so that your hair can be protected from UV rays because UV rays can damage your hair.

Do not over-wash your hair

We see that boys use to wash their hair regularly, but they should remember that washing hair on everyday basis can tend to make hair basis thin and weak. So, avoid washing hair on regular basis. Wash your hair thrice in a week.

Protect your hair when you go swimming

This tip is especially for those boys who love to swim, but they forget to take care of their hair while swimming. Boys should know that chlorine in swimming pools can play havoc with their hair. It chemically bonds with proteins and causes your hair to become dry and brittle. The easiest way to protect hair against the adverse effects of chlorine is by using clean water and by applying conditioner

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Use of curd

In summers you can apply curd on your hair before you go for a wash. Curd will make your hair silky, shiny as well as it will nourish your hair.

Some of the major hair problems in men are hair loss, brittle hairs, Oily scalps and bad hair growth. Just like a car, your hair need care and maintenance. As female use some home remedies to make their hair beautiful and to nourish them, men also need to indulge in home remedies to pamper their tresses to improve hair growth. So here is the list out of some home remedies for hair growth that men can use but let’s first understand the reasons of hair loss and bad hair growth.

So it can be caused by-

  • An unhealthy diet
  • An illness
  • Drug therapy such as chemotherapy
  • Stress

Avoid all these reasons to get happy hairs, take a diet which is full of proteins because the hair follicles on your scalp are primarily made up of the protein called Keratin.

Water — Water is essential to take care of hair. Drink at least two liters of water every day to help lessen hair loss.

Onion- Onion is considered as best medicine to reduce hair fall and natural hair growth as it improves blood circulation and thus provide sufficient nourishment.Also, Onion has anti-bacterial properties, so it helps with scalp infections that might contribute to hair loss. So men can massage the scalp with onion juice. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash out using a mild shampoo.

Coconut oil — Coconut oil is best home remedy to reduce hair fall and for hair growth. Massaging your hair with coconut oil will improve blood circulation as well as make your hair long and thick.

Cool Off- Avoid piping hot shower, because it leads to dryness and will damage you hair.

Aloe Vera-If you want to strengthen your hair, massage aloe vera gel to the scalp. It will prevent hair loss, repairs dry hair or infected scalp. You can also use aloe vera gel that is available in markets. Patanjali has best aloe vera gel for hair. After washing hair with shampoo, you can also apply aloe vera gel on hair.

Egg-Egg is a protein treatment element. If you want to have strong and thicker hair, try this protein treatment at least twice in a week. You just need to beat a raw egg and apply to your wet hair then wash hair with lukewarm water after 30 minutes. You can add curd or oil to get extra smoothness.

Lemon juice-Lemon juice helps in reducing dandruff and provides silky hair. Mix one portion of lemon juice with two portion of coconut oil. Massage into roots of the hair regularly. Either leave it overnight or keep it at least three to four hours and then rinse it with cold water.

Honey- For shining and healthy looking hair, you should try honey. Combine equal parts of honey and olive oil. Rub the mixture you’re your hair and wash it off after 30 minutes.

Avoid excess use of chemical product- Using excess amount of chemical products such as hair color, dryer, chemical hair gel etc. can damage your hair and make your hair rough. So avoid these chemical products, use natural products to keep your hair healthy, shiny, strong, and thick.

Important tips for hair-

* Do not brush or comb harshly.
*Never comb you hair when they are wet.
*Use hair conditioner after the shampoo.
*Protect hair from pollution.
*Massage you scalp at least thrice a week.
*When you ride bike, use helmet.
*Do not rub you with towel in fact pat your hair softly.