Software Engineering Jobs at ClickBank

Weekly Appreciation Trophy

Who We Are:

ClickBank’s mission is to inspire, support and grow thousands of existing and new businesses worldwide to market and sell products and services that are potentially life-changing.

ClickBank’s platform helps vendors around the world market and sell digital and physical products.

We’re a team of full stack product-development engineers. We execute our mission by continuously and consistently improving the ClickBank experience with new product offerings and enhancements to our platform.

The fun stuff…
We’re actively modernizing our platform. We’re responsible for transitioning our legacy java stack to a modern Cloud platform. Our legacy stack is Java, Hibernate, Spring, and JSP’s. We’re transitioning to language-agnostic dockerized microservices, AWS lambdas, and a modern lightweight front-end framework like Vue.js.

Why We’re Looking:

We’re growing our current dev team!

What We’re Looking For:

  • Someone that knows or can learn our core competencies and the tools of our future trajectory (We’re still learning the new cool stuff)

    Core Stuff
    ◇ mathematics or engineering degree or equivalent experience
    ◇ design patterns / data structures (the basics)
    ◇ SQL (MySQL)
    ◇ Core Java (We’re on Java 8)

    Legacy Stuff (We’re actively cleaning this up)
    ◇ Hibernate
    ◇ JSP

    New Fun Stuff (We’re actively learning and implementing)
    ◇ All things AWS
    (Kinesis, Firehose, Cognito, Lambda, DynamoDB, RDS… and growing)
    ◇ Microservice Architecture

    Old job description… we’re cleaning this up too
  • Someone that wants to “work and play as a team”
    We learn through the interactions we have and the things we try with positive attitudes. We’re never afraid to fail as long as we learn and adapt. With respect, we unify as a team to do all things in the same direction, and celebrate our wins.
    The truth is that we’re going to spend a great deal of time together. So, we’re looking for people that add positively to our culture. If you’re able to put the group’s needs before your own, accept critical feedback and use it to improve, and focus on solving root problems rather than assigning blame, you’ll do well here.
  • Someone who wants to pragmatically solve problems.
    We appreciate academic types and we all have engineering degrees. However, our focus is on the interesting, practical problems faced by our business, and not on imaginary scaling issues..
  • Someone that can “Think Big”
    We think big and do not listen to those who say it cannot be done. We are passionate and we inspire. We are empowered and we collaborate. There is always a solution. We are committed to greatness. Mediocrity is our enemy. We’re challenged everyday to step up. We have countless opportunities to build cool tools, clean up tech debt, and solve for blips in our code. We’re looking for people who ask how it can be done today and NOT why it shouldn’t be done.
  • Someone who is “Client focused in all they do”
    At our core, we love to help clients with their individual needs and work to deliver measurable business growth outcomes. We do so on a foundation of integrity and trust.
  • Someone who is “Straight talking”
    No games. No jargon. Do what you say. Say what you do. Transparency with our team and our clients — Just honest, candid, and human communication always.
  • Someone who strives to “Get it right the first time”
    In a world full of complexity, we strive to simplify the complex — make it “Fisher-Price simple” — and deliver a great experience accessible to our clients, our customers, and our team members. We do so with discipline and a solution-oriented approach.


We have 2 offices to work from —

  • Broomfield, CO — Our main engineering office. Located between Denver and Boulder.
  • Boise, ID — Our corporate headquarters. We’re looking for a senior level engineer to build an engineering presence and team in the “City of Trees.”

How to get in:

We’re looking for people that can code. Our multistage interview process is quick and easy. We strongly believe that you are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you. So we have a “no jerks” rule that is applicable to you and us.

Interview process

  1. Fill out an application.
  2. If your resume is a fit, we’ll send you a quick coding exercise to show us you can code.
  3. One of our senior leaders will call you up for a quick conversation to see if we’re a good fit for each other.
  4. We’ll bring you in to meet and interview with the team. There are 2 stages here.
    Stage 1:
    We’ll review some quick engineering trivia. We hate covering trivia, but we want to see what you know. We only ask things that we consider relevant and that will show your depth.
    Stage 2:
    Coding exercises. We use IDE’s. No white boarding (we hate white board exercises too). All exercises are backed by Unit tests, so you’ll know your progress immediately.
  5. Job Offer. We move fast if you’re a fit.

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