Famous lesbians

Many people wonder if this famous woman is lesbian. They then enter the search engine “Is X a lesbian?” Or surname plus “lesbian” notes. I wonder if, based on queries to Google, can you determine the progress of the flu epidemic, or can you also determine which of the famous ladies is a lesbian? Here is the answer.Famous lesbians are women known from the media and their work and who have identified themselves as lesbian or bisexual. Rather than referring to the term lesbians who appear in the media only on the occasion of being lesbian.

The most famous lesbians that your mum may also know are: Jodie Foster, Portia de Rossi, Martina Navratilova, Amelie Mouresmo. There is a chance that your acquaintances know: Annie Leibovitz, Ellen DeGeneres, Jeanette Winterson or Sarah Waters. Thirdly, mating and probably only by 30+ lesbians exist: K.D. Lang and Melissa Etheridge and not yet with Beth Ditto. There are also a lot of stars of one season, which they announce in the tabloids that they are lesbians, which makes them interesting topic for a few hours, do not write about them because I do not know and do not remember.

If you want to see how many lesbian lesbians they know in America look at the lesbian page in English-language Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Lesbians, what is interesting is that there are 108 names in the category of politics!!! Piotr….