Fatima A Hackers?Is 2017 the end of World War IT or Armageddon? See what I found

The end of the world was supposed to be in 2000 and nothing is going to happen, in 2012 he he and what and nothing ps Even made a movie someone on this fortune fortune.But this event is interesting. On the hundredth anniversary of the feast of Bashar’s Prophecies
Bashar, the message he received from channeling Darryl Ank, suggests that around 2017 there will be massive global shocks. His predictions for 2017 suggest that everything will change in the autumn of 2016.Trump cut taxes? Coincidence? Some changes will be revolutionary and day by day the mechanisms of the functioning of the world will be replaced by new ones. Other issues will start a more peaceful metamorphosis, which will last for some time. There will be, among other things, major changes to the approach to tax law, which will be completely transformed by 2020.Is the hacker attack on the IT system of the whole world. This predicted end of the world? I guess so just thinking what would happen to be not computer science. We wrucilibysmy to stone age era! Interesting fact with the media reported that the hacker attack was routed in 99 states and not one hundred !! A hundredths of a state it may? Many questions.The official “version” of the Catholic Church is the statement that the content of the Third Mystery of Fatima was about the assassination of John Paul II in 1981. However, we should note that none of these events really happened. Even John Paul II himself, thirteen years after the assassination, claimed that the prophecies of Fatima were to be realized. He was referring to events that almost literally evoked what the Fatima revelation mentions.

According to some of the topic’s researchers, the Fatima prophecy is due to take place in 2017. At this point, the final phase of the Freemasonry plan (as well as other secret groups) will be implemented and the Catholic Church will be defeated. Interestingly, many books written by priests have warnings for 2017. The details vary and to the end, it is not known how everything is going to go, but it will certainly come to really great events.