If you want to be happy

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If you want to be happy, have friends, increase your sense of self. And who cares about you we must learn “healthy egoism”There is not a person in the world who would have no objections at his address. Too fat, too skinny, not smart, not witty, lazy, old, ugly, average — each of us has his own list of complaints and complaints.http://register.affiliatecontentprofits.com/58adbbc952049And there is only one way to effectively improve your life — you have to love yourself. Recondition your defects or — even better — make them good.

It’s difficult but really possible. And above all necessary!First, honest inner conversation

It may be that you have long felt the need to take care of your dreams, but you’re still putting it off tomorrow. You condition: “I will finish my studies first”, “I will find a better paid job”, “I will get married”, “I will lose weight”, “

I will return to the form after the birth”, “I will finish the renovation”. You just multiply obstacles on the way to deal with yourself and your dreams. Love to yourself is difficult because precisely because you have to love the essence of imperfection, full of fears and faults. After all, each of us experiences our own weaknesses!http://register.affiliatecontentprofits.com/58adbbc952049 Moreover, everyone harms himself in some way and sometimes he does not understand what is happening to him or herself. He has a grudge against himself and regrets the evil he has done or has allowed others to hurt him. But until he gets along with himself, he will not be able to open up to others: give them love or take her in return.

Why is it so hard to like and respect yourself?

Most people, whom the psychologist suggests to try to love oneself, initially embarks: “How can I love myself? It is impossible! You can only love others, never yourself. It is selfishness. ” Especially women think of themselves at the very end or not at all. There are many reasons for this behavior:

Education. Since childhood you were taught that a good person does not think only about himself, but cares about others. But sometimes it is for you that everyone is important, and you never worry about you. And the wise self knows his needs and knows how to satisfy them. If you want to live better, do not try to help the whole world. Believe — when your needs are at the end, people stop counting on you.

No pattern. Attitudes toward ourselves are learned from others, especially from parents and people from the immediate surroundings. Children look at adults — what and how they talk about themselves. In this way they build a pattern that projects on their lives and later on the lives of their children. If the mother feels happy, she will teach her daughter a healthy selfishness. But if he does not love himself, he will not be able to pass on the art to her.

No approval. When a child starts communicating with the world, he learns quite quickly — albeit often unconsciously — whether he or she is accepted by the parents, whether he or she likes them, and whether he or she fulfills their expectations. If he is still underestimated and criticized, he quickly becomes convinced that he can not do much, is not worth much and deserves no love.

Such thinking is also reinforced by the lack of acceptance from the environment: peers, teachers, friends and loved ones.

Comparing yourself to others. If instead of thinking yourself, you rely on others’ judgments, you are addicted to them and give your own value to fate, to chance. You should rather learn from others. And build a good self-esteem based

on the love of your loved ones.

Our culture. The environment puts pressure on you. You become addicted to someone else’s ratings and the results you should have — in your opinion — to achieve. You want to be individual, original. You are collecting achievements to be able to enrich your CV. What is more important is what other people think about you, from what you yourself think. Therefore, all failures and failures are a personal drama for you and undermine your self-esteem.

The impact of the media.

Advertisements and colorful magazines daily bombard you with images of young, beautiful, happy women who seem to have no worries or problems. For this reason, it is not easy for you to accept another wrinkle, to consider it a natural minor trouble at home or at work. You also want to be a walking ideal!

Boring past. You often can not love yourself because you do not deserve love and happiness. You have a sense of guilt, regret. You can not forgive yourself or anyone else.

Life failures If you fail to reach a goal that is important to you, when you act incompetently you will break the rules of your own moral code, you are starting to think badly about yourself. If you are criticized, you feel that you are not liked, accepted, dear, you automatically start to look for various deficits and shortcomings.