Instagram marketing: 7 mistakes you should avoid at all costs

Today, Instagram is often used to run business campaigns to attract more potential and industry customers and, as a result, increase business revenue.

For example, in the case of Jeremy Page, between November and December 2012, sales increased by as much as 46% — from $ 1,150 to $ 2,100. And all this thanks to the proper use of Instagram and so. Attraction marketing to submit their offer to the right people.

Recent research has shown that Instagram is far ahead of other social media platforms. More precisely, it records up to 15 times more engagement than Facebook and 20 times bigger than Twitter.

#Instagram is 15 times more engaged than FB and 20 times bigger than Twitter

You could still exchange Instagram’s benefits and persuade to create an account in this app.

However, it is worth addressing the basic mistakes that are often committed by users and which you certainly do not want to repeat. Avoid these seven mistakes at all costs if you do not want your Instagram campaign to fail.

1. There is no strategy for a specific goal

Purpose: The purpose of a marketing strategy is one of those ubiquitous business phrases that, however, are easily forgotten. Although this is the purpose behind every plan and strategy.

Surely you’ve had enough of “setting goals,” and would rather you follow the advice of a second presenter to get the benefit of your financial account in the form of a financial …

But Instagram marketing without a targeted strategy is just more of an untapped potential and an effort that goes to waste. In such a situation it is easy to surrender, and even come to the conclusion that all this social media marketing simply does not work.

2. No link in the description

Network traffic is the driving force of your website.

A website that does not generate traffic will burn out sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time.

Instagram generates up to 1.2 billion likes a day, and up to 1000 comments per second. Each of them leaves behind a true, living person. Make sure you encourage visitors to visit your website.

#Instagram per day — up to 1.2 billion likes + up to 1000 comments per second!!!

3. Private account

Once set up as a private account, you will lose many observers.

As for your private account, you can, as much as possible, choose to block access to it. But if this is your business profile — it must be available to everyone. Finally, your goal is to get as many followers as possible. The more people recognize, like and share your brand, the better.

Rough reality is that when a potential recipient instead of interesting content sees Instagram’s private account icon, it usually loses interest.

4. Sharing the same content multiple times

Really, the regulars of your profile will quickly stop them if you keep sharing the same photos and videos.

Once in a while, of course, it may happen that something is worth sharing again. It would be better if it did not come in your habit.

Recent research has revealed that Instagram users love shopping. Unfortunately, they will soon be discouraged from spending money on your products if the content that should attract them will be uninteresting and monotonous.

Nobody likes duplicating the same content on the web — neither the Internet nor Google.

The same applies to Instagram. Users want to enjoy their eyes with new content.

5. Too slow reply to comments

Comments are a measure of commitment that Google draws attention to. This is because engagement leads to retention of customers, and this in turn to brand development.

Remember — if you keep ignoring comments, your followers and fans will eventually come to the conclusion that they just do not care.

6. Putting on quality instead of quality

Instagram is a unique application for editing and sharing images. About Instagram Marketing you can learn a lot by just watching the accounts of the famous brands and the ways they attract followers.

One of the important things that I learned when I generated $ 332,640 in Instagram’s account for three months was the quality of the photos and videos, not the quality.

The number of MAC Cosmetics followers increased by 231,000 within a month.

7. Bad use of hashtags

And you can happen in the wrong way to use hashtags on Instagram, as it happens to brands and entrepreneurs on Twitter or Facebook.

Creating and promoting hashtags is part of a targeted strategy, referred to in the first point, because it helps to increase brand recognition. However, there are some simple rules to follow when using and creating hashtags.

As always, I will gladly read and reply to comments. What are you using Instagram? To increase the traffic on your site? To promote the brand? Or maybe you set yourself a different goal?