True friendship will not fail????

True friendship will not fail
Will give the last even widescreen widow,
It will be with you in misery and in poverty
You do not have to ask her at all.

True friendship will give you a hand in need
Ready to share worries and worries,
You will devote all your spare time to you
Because faithful to you never changes.

True friendship has a beautiful face
As no one else will understand, forgive
The material benefits do not count
But on the mutuality of your feelings rather.

A true friend of wisdom advises
There will be support in you is great strength
And will not cheat, will not lie, will not betray
Is more sincere than false love.

So nurture the feeling of friendship
Do not let her go away in the world of the party
Because with her is in the life of the wedding and more clever,
When next you checked friend.