Pinocchio is breaking and I certainly do not !!!
Life is really an interesting phenomenon Where the sum can
happen everything

The more I know what this is all about All the more so my
attention goes

I know so much, but in all it's nothing Everything changes
so what is it: To be

Whatever I do tomorrow does not matter Maybe there will
only be memories

How many times have I thought I understood But only from
the truth I moved away

It looks like the truth does not exist Only an illusion
like in a forest burning fiery

Everything changes like a kaleidoscope So more and more
often I say: let go of the peasant

For millennia no one really deciphered life So it's a pity
to think that I'm going to make such a discovery

Perhaps we are not here, we do not live it So why do all
this, why we combine it

For cash, publicity, because we were told Or maybe we were

Well unless life has no answer And no matter what anyone

Because maybe the heart is the most important Our inner
truth is unique Listening to our lives more beautiful Then
doga through life to the original journey

All in all I do not know exactly how I see it But I
finished the poem I'm not ashamed of
 Pinocchio is breaking and I certainly do not !!!