Brad, no one here is disagreeing with what Apple is doing, however it’s real success will happen…
Steve Dodd

I wasn’t really responding to that discussion in any way. My points were related to the core of the original article and to the fact that commenters were saying that technology is stagnant.

That said, I have to disagree with the premise that somehow Apple needs to open up more than they have. Every release of iOS and OS X opens up more functionality to developers of the core system and if you mean open like Android, then I definitely disagree. That is one convoluted mess of versions, insecurity, app stores, and interfaces that to my mind isn’t the key to consumer adoption for the long haul in terms of loyalty and usability. I think Apple is more than capable of doing all of this on their own and they have the cash to get there and I prefer they keep the wall they have to protect user security and user experience as much as they can. That after all is critical to their brand and success. Either developers want the revenue that comes from working within the confines of what Apple offers or they don’t. So far it looks like they have and will continue to do so.

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