9 Places to Learn How to Code in 15 Minutes or Less a Day
Larry Kim

Try CodeAvengers.com or CodeCombat first. I’ve tested almost every learn to code platform on the market (including most of these listed) for our CodeKidsCamp and from our experience so far, nothing else comes close. We’ve used the platforms with hundreds of kids and have had amazing results. These two products teach you so you don’t even realize how much you are learning. CodeCombat by engaging you in a game and Code Avengers by using what is called scaffolding so that you are reinforcing and relearning coding while you have moved ahead in the lessons. Both platforms are excellent.

I have other recommendations for tactics and techniques for teaching kids specifically, but these two are works of art in the coding education space.

The only other platform I would add is if you are into Minecraft, then give CodeKingdoms a shot. It works because you are accomplishing something in a game you love to play.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would like to learn more. brad at code kids camp com