The Age of Apple is Over
Austin Frank

Who are you people commenting on this post? “stagnation of technology”? Did you just climb out of your parent’s basement after 15 years? We are in a miraculous revolution where the pace of technology is astounding. We are automating everything. We are eliminating the need for humans to work. We are transforming the world at a pace never imagined possible. We are on the verge of extending life decades or even hundreds of year.

You are looking for the next device while our children are growing up collaborating worldwide without even understanding the need for borders and they are making friends and building things together in virtual worlds from the time they are 3 or 4. We are using artificial intelligence to eliminate the bullshit of life and you people are claiming that tech has stagnated? Give me a frigging break and go back to building your home PC.

Apple’s next big innovation isn’t an iPhone it is no phone. It is everywhere. Whether they will pull it off or not remains to be seen, but they have exactly what it takes to make it happen. Go pull any of the first 4 generations of the iPhone out of your drawer and charge it up and compare it to what they released this week. There’s a revolution in your pocket and we don’t see it, because it isn’t a revolution with every version, it is an evolution and it is going to go faster. That doesn’t mean no one else can do the same thing, but there is no one positioned to pull it off like Apple is today.


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