What’s Wrong With Medium?

Why is it again, that you are leaving, but not really leaving Medium? I think you said you are still going to publish here and use their storage, traffic, and bandwidth, you are just going to actually type what you write somewhere else. I still can’t figure out why you decided to say you are leaving though, since you obviously don’t want to stop getting traffic to your writing that you will still publish here.

  • Are you pissed because Ev expressed his opinion however inelegantly he did it, but didn’t exert editorial control over the publishing of the piece? I frankly thought it was a great thing to see a public discussion and honest opinions expressed from behind the scenes. I’m not a journalist or an editor though, so maybe there is some rule being broken.
  • Are you pissed because they are inviting influencers here to drive more traffic and maybe get even better pieces published here?
  • Are you worried that they may censor pieces like this one that is burning it up on Medium today?
  • You seem upset that there are a lot of business or tech posts here that don’t fulfill your mission for what Medium should be, but do you think that Medium somehow gives those posts higher priority or that that is what is getting published the most? Do you want Medium to stop those people from publishing? How should they police the content?

If you are going to make a public declaration of dissatisfaction with a free service that has given you exposure, then shouldn’t you just stop publishing here completely?

OK, I am sorry for the heavy dose of sarcasm, but I really don’t get what the deal is. No one has limited your options, no one has censored you and no one seems to have done anything directly to you or your ability to publish. You just seem unhappy that you perceive them as not staying true to something or other that they promised you. What was it again that they promised you? A place to publish your thoughts and ideas and a place where other people might see and read them?

To expect Medium to be able to rapidly develop features that you and others want is unrealistic and it might be helpful for you to understand what it must be like managing this site and the business behind the scenes. I bet it is a hot mess of chaos behind the scenes, because that is how every startup is and this site is a big job.

There are plenty of things about Medium I would like to see get better, but the quality of writing, the community, the insight I gain, and the tools I have at my disposal for free are simply fantastic. I guess I just don’t get it.

Ultimately, I think your problem has to do with independent writers having a voice, but this post is a perfect example of how well that can work. The community decided it was good and I got to see it and read it. Go figure.

You wrote:

“However, the categorization of what is and isn’t a meaningful idea is different from person to person”.