Metabolic Labelling Reagents and Health Products

All metabolic labelling basically targets amino acids and other proteins and it is imperative to understand how well they work in reality. The best known metabolic labelling reagents are as given below:

• Methytetrazine Amine
• Methytetrazine NHS Ester
• Picolyl Azide

These are basically used to search and find proteins and amino acids in the formulas presented. There are various amino acids like the branch chained amino acids also commonly known as BCAAs. These are very beneficial in all health products. In recent years, the metabolic labeling reagents have been used on health products to determine their contents and to find out any discrepancies, if any.

Here is a look at which products have benefitted the most from this culture.

Whey Protein Isolates

As is well known, whey protein isolate is the most popular and also most strong source of whey protein. Whey in itself is the purest form of protein. After the fat and lactose part has been removed, all that remains is whey. This is the reason why it is called the holy grail of health and muscle building.

Now the problem is that most companies are new and some of them are fraudulent. They are using the name of some other company which is already established and are still selling sub standard products. The good part is that with metabolic labeling reagents, these products can be tested and it can be easily found out if or not they have the said amount of amino acids in them.

Post Work out Recovery Drinks

Post work out is the time when you actually want to get most of the benefits from your health foods. This is primarily because of the reason that it is the time when the muscles are broken after all the heavy work out and need some supplementation. This can be done easily by getting a good post work out recovery drink.

But how do you know if your drink is really working. The best way to find out is through using Methytetrazine Amine, Methytetrazine NHS Ester and Picolyl Azide like agents to find out.

Protein Bars

This is advertised as the most convenient way of consuming protein shakes. With this in hand, you can have it in cafeteria, during a bus travel or simply while sitting at home watching TV. Most protein bars advertise themselves as these really high on protein compounds that will help you gain muscle mass.

The generally sweet taste of the bar covers any other taste and so you may never know what it actually contains. This is the main reason getting it metabolically tested is a smart choice. Once your brand is tested, you can stay loyal to it for the rest of your life.

Energy Drinks

Not all but some energy drinks claim to have proteins in them. In this case it is best to use metabolic labelling and find out if it really is what it claims to be.

An Energy drink will have a lot of caffeine and so you do not want to drink it too much thinking it has protein in it! Get more information about Methytetrazine NHS Ester at

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