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Oil Tank Services is fully licensed and insured by the Department Of Environmental Protection in New Jersey, with site ID 142408.We offer to both commercial and residential clients complete and full tank services. We have professional technicians who remove, install and Service all types of tanks. We are specialists I am getting government funding for oil tanks. There is ahigh risk of leaking oil tanks, and they can seriously affect the environment.

If the tanks are incorrectly disposedof the property, it can complicate the process of selling your home. That is why we are here to promptly and professionally manage every aspect of your unique situation.

We have been in the industry for more than 20 years, and this has really given us much experience. Our services are offered in all the New Jersey Countries. Our services are dependable on the clients and your satisfaction as a clientis highly guaranteed.

The service of NJ Oil Tank Removal Consultation.

In this service,we offer advice,consultation, and estimate whichis free and non obligations. For more details on competitive costs and to understand the services more, contact us through:

Call on (908) 241–5011.

Fax: (908) 241–5155

TOLL-FREE 866–675-TANK (8265) now.

For more information, you can contact us through the above contacts a Service Request or through

Oil Tank Services

505 East First Avenue

Roselle, NJ 07203

In-House NJ Oil Tank Removal Program.

For this service, OTS will first acquire permission from our esteemed customers. After this arrangement for the inspection by the town, theofficial will be organized. The tank will then be cut, opened and vacuumed in order to remove and dispose off the oil or the sludge. The tank is then cleaned using asqueegee, andthe interior surface of the tank is rap wiped. On the tank, the vent, fill, cap supply and return lines are then removed. The town official will then inspect the tank and the piping system. Finally, it is removed and disposed off as scrap.

The service of Oil Tank Removal Bayonne NJ.

• Bayonne is one of our NJ service areas. Thanks installed before 1980 are seriously risky now in Bayonne. This is because they could be leaking as they are of bare steel fabrication. Because leakage and corrosion, these underground tanks could be like time bombs under ones property in Bayonne, which can explode anytime. The residents in Bayonne are very lucky since we have come and are ready to safely remove the underground tanks and place some above the ground. The contaminated soil and ground water can be cleaned as well. In conditions where the tanks cannotbe removed, we’re able to abandon the tanks safely by uninstalling any connection it has with vents or pipelines after cleaning, capping and filling with inert gasses. For this service,you can call 800–592–6450 for help. The service:

• Has skilled labor force.

• Is environmental friendly.

• Has competitive prices.

In this service we offer the following:

• We locate and test the underground Bayonne NJ storage tanks and their systems.

• We test and locate the above ground Bayonne NJ tank systems.

• We strategize a plan for action to the budget of the owner.

• We plan for removal or abandonment of the tank.

• We complete and submit permit applications to local agencies.

• We hollow and remove the Underground Tanks or the above ground tanks and their systems.

• We abandon and install tanks and their systems.

• We sample soil and ground water for any contamination.

• We do soil remediation.

• We provide detailed documentation for theclosure of the tanks according to New Jersey Department of EnvironmentalProtection guidelines.

• We help the homeowners in Bayonne, NJ to facilitate expert grants and loans by making the claims and applications go through.

As seen in East Orange in New Jersey, Oil Tanks can also be removed due to their danger.

Remember your satisfaction of service is guaranteed.

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Oiltankservices specializing in underground tank removal services to residential and commercial clients in Bayonne, East Orange, Elizabeth, Oil Tank Replacement New Jersey.

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