TCO Amine- most reactive Compound

Have you heard about TCO Amine? Trans Cyclooctene is an organic compound of a primary amine group. Generally, in the presence of activators, it gives carboxyl groups compound. For example, the activators can be EDC or DCC, NHS Esters.

A reagent job is to induce chemical reaction when added to a system of reaction. When you talk about reagents, there is a number of reagents compounds are available in the industry for various purposes. In Biochemistry, reagents play a crucial role in a chemical reaction and forming compounds. The main purpose is to break complex DNA structure into simple DNA molecules for further study. It helped to find the solution for unknown hereditary problems. In addition, the study of DNA structures opens the way of finding new drugs for age-old diseases.

The TCO amine commonly known as HCL salt. It necessary to compliment the HCL with an equivalent base. Use Triethylamine when reacting with organic solvents. It has fastest kinetic ratio ion among all compounds

TCO Reagents:

Trans- Cyclooctene commonly known as TCO. The primary purpose of TCO is to include Cyclooctene compound into other chemical compounds. One has to be aware of reagents because the various and different structure of reagents are available in the marketplace. TCO- NHS is one of the reagents that commonly called as “Amine-reactive” Reactive Agent and it is one of the TCO- reagent group.In addition to adding Cyclooctene group; it also used to add Tetrazine labeled molecules into other compounds.

TCO reagents commonly available in online buying. It is expensive so find out a reliable and trustworthy vendor who provide this kind of substance.

Various TCO product available in markets such as Trans-cyclooct-5-enol, TCO-NHS, TCO-PEG5-Mal, TCO-PEG3-Amine, TCO-PEG4-NHS.TCO, PEG4-acid, TCO-PEG3-Aldehyde, TCO-PEG3-BiotinTCO-NHS (axial).

TCO — NHS Ester — Features and applications.

It has a wide range of application such as Protein-protein, Protein- anybody, radiolabelling, Protein-oligonucleotide and surface modification. When comparing with others reagents, TCO-NHS ester is reaction time faster than bio orthogonal pairs. The reaction in the presence of low protein concentration is just below 60 minutes. It is stable in aqueous media that means it is not soluble in water. It is not suited for labelling because it is poor efficiency.

Why are TCO Reagents costlier?

The TCO is highly reactive in nature and the chemical reactions with other substance take very little time and it’s faster than any other agents are. Avoid Cu catalyst in the presence of these agents.

The main features of TCO-PEG4-NHS ester:

It is used in various applications such as Protein-protein, Protein- anybody, radiolabelling, Protein-oligonucleotide and surface modification.

One has to be careful when handling TCO-PEG4-NHS ester due to its moisture sensitive nature and hydrolyze property. Discard the unused portion immediately from the moisture room because of its highly reactive nature. The average reacting timing between Tetrazine & TCO will be finish within 30 to 60 minutes.

In Essence, TCP agents are costlier and wide range of application. Because of it’s highly reactive nature, one has to get proper guidance before using it.

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