In my weirdo perspective, reason and context drastically reduce our opening into the infinite field…
White Feather

Context isn’t really limiting and isn’t our very existence poised by our limitations. Is it not our own limitations that drive us to go beyond them, if only to prove that we can push beyond their metal conceit.

Its not that I mean we shouldn’t be open to the infinite but that alone isn’t enough because context provides a framework from which to work from. You can be just of creative within constraints as you can be without them.

There are times when those infinite possibilities becomes noise that can be as distracting as it can be helpful. Context and questions provide a framework from which to understand and build on.

That doesn’t mean you can’t go beyond those questions, good questions lead to new questions and possibilities. You are always using reason and context based on your experiences because its that unique lens that is ours and ours alone from which we see the world.

So I believe that context, reason and openness empower us to take those infinite probabilities and make sense of them. Its through the questions asked and the possibilities they inspire that allows us give them life in this world.