Let Go, Live, Seek

Trekking Annapurna I repeated this to myself after a while as I wandered and wondered who I was and what was possible.

I let go of fear, regret, self-doubt and hate.

I let go of the words “I can’t” because to give them voice is to have already lost.

I live in hope, belief, confidence and joy.

I live with the words “I can” because the only limits we have are those we give ourselves.

I seek the world, an understanding of its wonder and its shadow.

I seek to banish my ignorance of how we can live, what we can survive and the power of the spirit against the monsters that seek our end.

The range is vast, the distances too much for the human mind to comprehend, the climb a lesson to be humble in the face of nature.

The range of experience we can have reach for the heavens, as much as they try to drag us into the shade, decide what reality you see, live and breathe.

As you walk know we are small in the face of the universe. As we let go of arrogance, live to reach the unknown, seek knowledge to answer our curiosity.

As we wander let’s be inspired by experience, driven by possibility and humbled by immensity of what lay before us.